This is not the same as PERFECT weight!

Does the following sound like you?

“I secretly wish I could lose weight effortlessly and get a rockin’ hot body without working out!”

“If I could, I’d take a pill, lay on the couch all day reading my favorite books and still lose weight.”

“I would never have to open a new “diet” book and my eating would be mindful and healthful.”

Yeah, me too. In high school, I was a cool 100 pounds. I haven’t seen that since high school and I probably shouldn’t. BUT, I just went online to look at a BMI chart which told me for my height I should weigh 15 pounds less than I do. And I work out for a living!

I like to eat and I know I eat too much to be that thin. Some days I think I would like to be that thin.

I think it might feel good.

But am I willing to do the work it will take to get to that weight? Seriously watching my diet (more than I already do — ugh) and somehow burning more calories…

You’ve probably asked yourself the same questions. Finding and maintaining the ideal weight is something most women battle especially as we pass into our 40s and “the shift” happens.

Then there’s the “what does healthy weight look like for me” to take into consideration too.

Listen,  we all know there is no magic pill – while some of the world is blessed with genes that leave them looking like fashion models, most of us look like everyone else at the mall. Yes, there are pills you can take and if you’re working with a doctor this message isn’t for you, but if you think taking those caffeine laden diet enhancing formulas available at your local drugstore are going to help, you are sadly mistaken.

You might be thinking now, “Geez, Elyssa, thanks for the uplifting newsletter!” But wait, I have a few action steps to help you get started working toward your ideal healthy weight!!

Take a moment to check out the Height/Weight chart HERE.

feel free to add about 10 lbs to the category…

Yikes – eye opening right!

Okay, so here are 3 tips to help you get closer to that weight without pills or starvation.

1. Count your calories — use an app like or or the old fashioned calorie books. Please do not become obsessed with this. Learn how many calories you are truly eating every day for a few weeks so you can gauge your caloric intake more accurately. (Those little coffee creamers at the restaurant – 20 calories each. Put 3 of them in your coffee and now your calorie free drink is 60 calories. Have a second cup and BAM, 120. It’s amazing how quickly they can add up. Calories that is!)

2. Try your waist to height ratio in stead of the BMI chart to find out if you need to lose weight. Your waist should be less than 1/2 your height in inches. If it’s equal or greater, you need to move more and eat less. If you already know this, and you’ve tried to eat less and workout more only to fail repeatedly, consider working with a nutritionist and a trainer for a couple of months to help you master both aspects.

If you’ve already tried this, honey, get yourself to a therapist and discuss what
the heck is eating you. Seriously, take care of yourself.

If you are now saying, “whoa this is too expensive,” I want you to price out some blood pressure and diabetes medicine. Just sayin’

(I’m assuming here that you’ve already been to a doctor and ruled out a health issue — but just because you have a thyroid problem does not mean you get a pass on your weight; it’s tougher but it is doable.)

3. Eliminate soda. That includes diet sodas that make you more hungry (nice trick cola companies!) If you like something fizzy, get some club soda and throw fruit in it for some yummy drinks that won’t leave you hungry, bored, or battling extra calories.

So, to sum things up here. I’m never going to weigh 100 pounds again unless I chop off a leg or get seriously ill; BMI charts are stupid; AND, there’s no magic pill for losing weight.

With that said, learn your caloric intake so you can take actions to eat a more reasonable amount of food. (Trust me, you’re eating more than you think.) Your waist measurement in comparison to your height says more about your health than the BMI chart. AND, one simple way to reduce excess calories in your day is to eliminate all sodas.

Drop me a note or leave a message on Facebook and let me know what you think of these ideas. Am I off base? What are your “calorie saving” ideas?

As always, if I can be of service to you in your quest to better health, just drop me a call at 708-415-1815 or email me at

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